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Showboat Branson Belle gives guests a chance to leave their cares at the dock for two relaxing hours of adventure and entertainment. One of the most enticing features of a cruise aboard the Showboat Branson Belle is the opportunity to spend time on scenic Table Rock Lake.

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An extended intermission between the meal and the beginning of the live show gives guests time to sit back, relax and take in the scenic views. Whether you’re sitting in one of the comfy Adirondack chairs, strolling along one of the four grand decks or looking through the window from your table, you’ll be able to enjoy the gorgeous scenery of the Ozarks from one of the most unique vantage points in Branson.

Queen of the Ozarks

Themed after the majestic showboats of the 1800s, the Showboat Branson Belle evokes the spirit of a bygone era when riverboat adventure, glamorous travel and dazzling entertainment converged into what we remember as Those Grand Old Showboatin’ Days!

FUN FACT: The Showboat Branson Belle was launched from her lake side shipyard August 13, 1994, using two tons of bananas as a lubricant for the nine second slide into the water. She traveled 14 mph during the launch, faster than she'll ever travel on water.

America's Most Entertaining Lake Adventure

In addition to time for exploring the lake, your Showboat Branson Belle ticket includes a performance of one of our outstanding live shows and a three-course meal specially prepared for your excursion.

White River Landing

Your Table Rock Lake adventure continues before and after the cruise.

The Showboat Branson Belle's dock, White River Landing, is home to two specialty shops, where you will find souvenirs and elegant ladies’ apparel, jewelry and accessories

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