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Whether you're a creative working a 9-5 as your side hustle or a full-time creativepreneur, you’re the element of Gold (Au) that ascends into the intention of your purpose from sunrise to sunset. Glow of Sunrise is a brand and movement created through the power of blossoming self expression and mental wellness through the vibration of listening to music while staying creative visually with confidence. Because of music, your purpose is in sync to leave a blueprint with the universe for infinity.

Check out Vinyl With Shydaze modeling her personal record collection around the city of Los Angeles, monthly FEELS. List with tunes that keep you uplifted even when you are feeling like February in July, Black Girls Love Vinyl from female record collectors with dope music taste, Vibrant Collectors (Coming Soon) and Vibrant About My Vinyl series shared by other record collectors. 

Listen to Music & Stay Creative!


The Brand Creator/Founder decided that it was time to own up and be the person she knows herself to be and not who everyone in her life wanted her to become. After graduating from college on the East Coast with a B.S. in Biology, Alexandria implusively moved to Los Angeles, CA craving a change of scenery and environment from her hometown St.Louis, MO. Though she thought she would be in Dental School by now, life has a funny way of showing that plans are predictions, but purpose is always promised. Alexandria is currently the Creative Director for Middle House Records, a Freelance Event/Art Curator, and actively Modeling and Commercial Acting in Los Angeles, CA.


When Alexandria Sadé goes into creative mode, she is Shydaze. The reserve alter ego of being in a daze of endless ideas. The name was created to allocate for many creative roles. Shydaze was also derived from Alexandria’s middle name Sadé in which the pronunciation is almost identical.